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Last Updated: Thursday 12 January 2009
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We are an apostolic and prophetic global ministry for musicians, singers, and artists: a place to download current teaching, communicate, and access resources relevant to the apostolic reformation that is happening now in the Body of Christ! visit us at youtube facebook
  The End - He who endures shall be saved The End - He who endures shall be saved

The world is in economic meltdown? Why? Jesus Christ spoke of signs atthe end of the age?” Matthew 24:3. Immense distress, deception, false religion, wars, earthquakes, and diseases, unlike ever before. Great trial is on earth before Jesus returns. These times are upon us. Christians need the character and habit of enduring. The ability to withstand prolonged pressure. The shaken world desperately needs the truth now. Time is short. This book challenges our readiness to endure, and explores the end signs of our day.

Date Published: 12 January 2009

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