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How To Become a Church Music Minister

How To Become a Church Music Minister

Serving as a Music Minister in a Church can be one of the most satisfying things a Christian can do. It’s an experience that will give them an opportunity to grow in their beliefs and be of great service to their Church. There are many roles one takes up as a Music Minister. These can range from designing a music program for the church, being of help in the planning of services, leading the church in worship or directing the church choir when called upon and supervising music staff. The question, therefore, is how does one become a Church Music Minister? Here are a few areas that are important to work on.


Musical Training
It is important for an aspiring Music Minister to get musical training so as to acquire technical skills required to excel in the job. A thorough technical Knowledge about music is advantageous when it comes to fitting into the different roles a Music Minister is expected to play within a Church’s music department. Therefore, the training should cover areas such as music theory, musical instruments, sound, and voice. For instance, to be able to direct a choir, a good understanding of sheet music is needed to do a perfect job. In addition to that, sometimes the role requires them to oversee the setup of a Church’s sound before a service which can be a daunting task without good technical knowledge.

Experience Gained Through Mentorship
Experience can make one sufficiently knowledgeable about what it really takes to be a Music Minister. Therefore, every aspiring Church Music Minister should seek opportunities to work under a mentor, preferably an experienced Church Music Minister, who will give them guidance along the way. The Mentor should be able to give them opportunities to execute what they have learned. This and good feedback along the way will improve their understanding of the demands that come with the role thus equipping them to fit openings that can arise within their Church.


People Skills
Church Music Ministers are always on the forefront during services and get to meet very many people in the course of their work. This will either be members of the congregation who are curious about certain things or music staff that they will have to train and guide on a variety of things. Thus as one grows in their musical skills, they should work on their people skills as well. A good starting point will be through doing a self-evaluation and identifying areas that need to be improved on in this area.

In-depth Understanding of The Word
It is practically impossible to operate as a Church Music Minister without being rooted in the word of God. This is because, over time, the role of the church Music Minister has evolved to closely resemble that of a Pastor. Therefore, it is important that as one prepares to become a music minister their understanding of the word of God and prayer life is deepened. It will prove helpful in revealing to them their divine purpose within the role.

In conclusion, it takes quite some time to develop in the areas outlined above. Therefore any aspiring Church Music Minister should be patient through their journey and learn as much as possible.

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