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How to Make Sure Your Church Is Healthy

How to Make Sure Your Church Is Healthy

A growing church is defined as a place where there is the spiritual reproduction, where new members are regularly coming in. It is also a venue for life transformation, where members are bviously being changed from good to better and from better to best.

It is common knowledge that since the church is a spiritual place, naturally it cannot become healthy and sustainable without the work of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, there is a need for a godly and effective pastoral leadership. The pastor and the leadership staff must practice servant-leadership. Also, the power of prayer is of prime importance. People learn from God through His Word, and they communicate to God through prayers.

The five laws of growing healthy churches are visionary leadership, human resource utilization, open doors, incorporation, and finance.


Visionary Leadership

A church and its leadership must have a vision. It is something that is foreseen to happen or the way the church is seen in the future. The pastor and the elders of the church must not only plan for the present membership but also for the incoming and prospective members. It has been said, “Without a vision people perish.”

Human Resource Utilization

A church can continue growing when everybody is allowed to gain involved in the ministry. Since the church is a body, all members must be given a chance to function according to his/her talents and gifts. There is a need for training of the laypersons and also a pastorals staff to leads small group. People musts be encouraged to gain involved in evangelism, outreach, worship, maintenance, etc. The more the member is involved, the better will be his/her chances to remain in the church and invite others to join it.

Open Doors

The church must have a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The members must be sincerely accommodating of the visitors. They also must get involved in community affairs to get to know the people around them and usher them into the fellowship. An atmosphere of belongingness and acceptance is what most people need in a church.


Making the newcomer feel at home and welcomed strengthens a church. They newcomer has the tendency to come back and regularly attend when he/she feels accepted and at home. There is a need for every member to get involved and be part of the activities and programs in the church. Everybody must be given significance and genuine fellowship.



It has been said that “you cannot go around without a round.” The same is true with churches. Many of its programs and activities cannot be accomplished without enough finances. There is then a need for proper teaching about giving and tithing. Aside from these, the church must look for ways to improve its finances through fundraising. Many churches have opted for offering preschool and primary education to help in its income. Others seek partnership with organizations and business people in attaining its projects like church-building and the like.

Healthy fundraising options are, therefore, something which you need to look out for. Such food items are good for the children at the fundraiser and parents can stop worrying and let them enjoy their time. However, health apart, to attract the young people, snacks need to be tasty and appealingly packaged as well. Here, you need some healthy fundraising solution which can provide you perfect food items for your church fundraiser.

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