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How to Organize a Church Choir

How to Organize a Church Choir

Music surely is the voice of god, as it looks like from the ensemble performing in church whenever you go there. A choir is a group of singers which is linked to a church to say lines in appraisal for the spirit of god and Jesus. Normally they are operated without instruments but some small ones like a pipe organ, piano but they are not confined to this rule means they can use an orchestra for the performance. Orchestra depends on upon the church that how many members should be in the orchestra ranging from 40-70 maybe.


Organizing a church choir is a hectic task, mentally and physically both. Organizer has the pressure make it perfect for his sake and for the sake of church so that people shouldn’t be leaving the church with the perception that this church is not good, never to come back here. So for that following is a list of some tricks by which you can master the art of organizing a choir.

Time is the first thing that should be in your mind as an organizer. Analyze how much time you have before the big day, and then start your work according to that like if you have less two weeks select an old group of already existing choir members and start practicing but if you have more than a month go for an audition take your shot at best from these. Analyze the budget as well.

This is a tough one because he is the guy who is going to make your big day a hit or a miss. So choose a wise person for this post. Pick someone who has experience in this and who is also able to lead.

Take an audition to grab the best talent at hand and polish them according to your needs and let them go with the flow.

Before starting the other phases, just call all selected members for a small meet up and ask them to introduce their self and what are they good at generally and in the choir as well.

Till now you have selected as who are going to be the singer, pianist and who is going to be on the bass. Now divide the singers into 4 parts as who is going to sing alto, who is going to sing soprano, who is going to sing tenor and who is going to sing bass. Typically men are good at tenor and bass while women are good at alto and soprano. Also select who is going to be the leader from those in their respective group.


Now this is a part where you need to work with all choir members. Select the one which is easily memorized and there is no effect in the symphony of the choir.

Make a circular and ask every member to fill it. In the circular ask them about their routine and after all of them filled it. Devise a calendar from it for rehearsals so that none has to miss his/her job as this is a voluntary service, remember.

Ask everyone to be on time in rehearsals and of those who are late, take strict action against them. In rehearsals work on every choir member to master their skill.

Motivate them on regular basis and keep them in a friendly environment, if possible do arrange some annual trips so that they can enjoy your ensemble.

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